About 10 years ago, at a live art show, after a comic show in Texas, James Kochalka came in and did 2 quick paintings. He drew the experience in his entry for American Elf that day and included the first painting of some Pac-Man ghost stacked on top of each other. I bought the second one of his Penny Monster character. It hung in my apartment until I got married and we moved into a house. I’m so happy that it’s finally found a new spot to hang in our kids’ playroom, both of whom are big fans of James’s Johnny Boo.

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New Aye Aye With My Little Spy.

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I’ve finished the pencils for 5 pages of Mythical Beasts. Then onto inking and coloring. In the meantime I’m introducing a new strip that will run along with Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures. While out to lunch with my kids today I had the idea for Aye Aye with My Little Spy. Unlike Mythical Beasts, this strip will be done stream of conscious, which means I’ll be making it up as I go along, literally panel to panel. It also means no pencils, no erasers, no rulers, just a pen. It’s an artistic exercise on display for you. 

In the light of the early morning Yeti contemplates his place in the universe. Check out this amazing Yeti doll that was made for me based on my Yeti character.